Pharmacy Services

Our continuous commitment to serving our valued customers and the community includes keeping updated to the new technology in the field of health care and bringing up to date our programs and services. We acknowledge the fact that in this modern time, it seems everybody is always on the haste; and people living in New York face that challenge every single day. Not everyone has the liberty of time to wait an hour to pick up their medications, or even find time to drop off their prescriptions. Hence, our pharmacy has set up programs to better facilitate people in their pharmaceutical needs as well as other needs as discussed below:
$4 Generic Program
Carrying roughly 1000 medications that are only $4 for 30 days' supply, having NO INSURANCE will NEVER be a PROBLEM anymore in our pharmacy! Avail of our $4 Generic program by calling us any time. Be surprised as we offer you a price quote for your existing medications.
Pharmacy Compounding
Addressing the need for formulated medications intended to treat individuals with special medical needs that are unavailable in mass-produced medicines in the US, we are highly specialized in compounding medicines as per prescribed by a physician. Ensuring safety and strict compliance, our pharmacy has state-of-the-art compounding resource with high quality equipment. In addition, we take pride in our compounding pharmacist who is equipped with extensive knowledge, skills and relative experience and who prioritizes quality control at all times.
Blister Packaging
Specializing on blister packaging of medicines, we can supply your medications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We have created this innovative system to address the issue on convenience for our customers since vials are not always the most convenient way to have the medicines in. Never worry anymore that your loved ones would miss taking their medications. Have a safer and proven adherence way of taking medication. Get rid of taking the bottles with you as you go out, which is in fact risky to be lost, damaged or stolen. Conveniently take your necessary daily dose while leaving the rest in your medicine cabinet.
Free Pickup and Delivery
Are you always on the go? Do you have difficulty in finding time to buy prescribed medicines? Here's good news for you! Just give us a ring and we will be within the hour of your call in your home, business, office, hospital, schools, clinics, nursing homes or wherever you are to pick-up prescriptions and drop off your orders–for no charge at all! We offer this at your convenience especially arranged for the benefit of busy people with a hectic schedule and mothers who are taking good care of many kids.
Diabetic Care
Despite having high pervasiveness in the community nowadays, diabetes is ignored and under treated causing $245 billion expenses under the health care system on a national average. As a matter of fact, Hispanic ethnic group is greatly affected by this gradually increasing yet deadly disease, being ranked as the second most affected according to the number of diabetic people. As a result, we at 59 Street Pharmacy stand ground in promoting the fight against diabetes on various frontiers by employing two factors to effectively execute such advocacy.
Complimentary MoneyGram Services
MONEY GRAM – We offer this service for you to pay your utility bills conveniently through this option. Our pharmacy will waive the fee for utilities payment such as for gas, electric, phone, credit card, and department stores, load cash on pre-paid credit cards or buy new ones, and a lot more. In addition, send and receive cash using our service from and to any location around the world.
Live chat with the Pharmacist
Talk with a live staff over the phone and not a robot at all. Rest assured that a competent and skilled pharmacist with years of pharmacy experience will answer your call and assist you with your medication needs. We take pride in getting the best phone operators who can speak in various languages such as English, Spanish and Arabic for your better understanding. Furthermore, we have a phone translating service in our store to connect to a live operator assist our phone operators in translating and counseling the customers in more than 30 languages.
Fully Stocked
We NEVER run out of stock for we maintain three daily deliveries from drug companies to cater to all our customers' need. We always ensure our pharmacy is fully stocked to avoid customers from going back the next day. Be part of our growing loyal customers and never worry of your medications being out of stock, simply because we guarantee it will ALWAYS be AVAILABLE in our pharmacy. You can all count on that.